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Marketing and maintaining your website along with keeping up with your internet marketing can be a time consuming task. If done improperly or inconsistently you will not see a return on your investment. Many Florida business owners are taking on the task of SEO and social media marketing and management and we think that's a good thing.

Problems usually arise when business owners are spending all of their time marketing and less time managing their business. We have solutions for those who want to remain engaged and involved in their search engine optimization and also for those who need to entrust all of their internet marketing to a local Tampa SEO firm. We are low on restrictions and don't offer cookie cutter service. Your situation, industry and goals are unique, and what works for one, may not work for others.

We approach SEO in a straightforward and fair manner, offering clients both website updates and SEO services which can be combined together to achieve the optimum results. If you are looking for inexpensive SEO services in Florida that get results you can  count on Bay Area Graphics & Marketing.

SEO Services can include:
Link Building
Internal Linking
Edit Titles/Descriptions (meta data)
Keyword / Keyphrase Marketing
Google Plus Authorship
Social Media Integration & Management
Image optimization
Alt tags
Analytics and Reporting
Cross Marketing
Directory Set Up
  • SEO firm should be Knowledgeable in Web Design

  • Be Up-To Date with Google Best Practices for SEO

  • Should be a local Tampa, Florida SEO firm

  • Should have copywriting and editing experience

  • Should understand various web editors and platform as well as hosting environments and how they relate to SEO and ranking

  • Should be experts in link building , keywords and key phrases, meta data, internal linking, image optimization, alt tags, schema and more.

  • Should not be limited to managing ad word or PPC campaigns

  • Should know how to obtain Organic Ranking for their Tampa, Florida clients

  • Should be familiar with analytics tracking and sitemaps

  • Should provide excellent customer service and detailed reporting of tasks related to optimizing your website
    ( not just analytics reporting)

Google best practices for SEO

Why Do You May Need Search Engine Optimization Services

Many small business owners are very knowledgeable about the process of search engine optimization. They've done their homework and research and have attempted to manage their SEO themselves. But SEO is a time consuming necessity that most small business owners don't have time for. Eventually, most will seek out a Tampa, Florida SEO firm for assistance.

Many other small businesses don't have the desire or time to learn about the process, and will also need SEO services. In both cases, small businesses find out that SEO services are expensive and offer basic cookie cutter SEO plans that seem to be designed to confuse the situtation.

Let us show you an improved and affordable way to get the search engine optimization services that you need.
No contracts, no limitations. We'll even include basic website updates with your SEO service if you desire.

Call us today at (813) 778-9548 to get more information or click here to get started.

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