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How Google Has Changed/ Best Practices for SEO
Google provides guidelines and best practices for SEO for webmasters and website owners in an effort to help you to improve your site. SEO friendly sites will please both the user and search engines that crawl and index your site.

Following Google's best practices is a must however, it is not a magic potion that promises decent site ranking. The purpose of this guide for  SEO best practices is to make it easier for the search engines to crawl your website. Understanding how your site gets indexed, crawled and ranked seems relatively easy yet it's keeping up with the changes that creates problems for most Tampa bay small business owners.

Your business depends on making modifications to your website according to the current recommendations of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Florida small business owners must be methodical and consistent with their search engine optimization and combine Google's recommendations with other optimization techniques and tasks in order to create a noticeable impact on your ranking and performance. This can include social media management such as Google Circles and Google+ Authoring, Facebook as well as reviews and improving local search visibiity.

Although a basic guide to SEO best practices is provided for website owners, really understanding the "other" numerous tasks that are required and finding the time to put it all together for an improved result and ranking can be time consuming and challenging. Because Google continues to make changes that effect your ranking, business owners who are managing their own SEO generally give up or fall behind. From Penguins to Pandas staying informed, educated and keeping abreast of recommendations, making changes when necessary can become burdensome. Let us help ease some of that burden with our affordable SEO services. If you have noticed a drop in traffic or CTRs, then we can help you to define and refine your website so you can get back in the game.

Google has come a long way and dictates online marketing. Google provides their recommendations for successful "free" inclusions and advertising on their search engine. Keeping up with your SEO and their related changes is a full time job. If you are a Tampa or Florida business managing your own SEO we can help.

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Google, 1998

2017 Updates

Who is Fred? With 500-600 changes in algoryhthms, it's frequently a guesstimate as to what the major updates may be. In March Google reps stated all future updates would be named "Fred." This was in response to the fluctuations in March, 2017 which seem to effect the "black hat" SEO community. No worries for our clients as we're stand by our ethical SEO services!

RE Penguin 2.0 - We're looking forward to:

"Enhanced webmaster communication which will reduce the number of 'black hat'  webmasters from showing up, while giving smaller businesses resorting to white hat SEO techniques, the opportunity to rank better."

Best Practices for SEO, Upcoming   Changes from Google

  • So Many Agorythm Changes, So Little Time. We can help.
  • Google Changes 2011-2012, Penguin, Panda
  • Google "Penguin 2.0 holds no risk for all those who practice the so-called white hat SEO tactics.
  • Authority Boost in Algorithm with Penguin 2.O Release
  • Get services as you need them.
    No contract SEO services. We do not require contracts but we provide a $30 discount on a quarterly commitment.
  • Google Recommends White Hat, Ethical SEO that is Geared Towards Organic Ranking. That's Us.
  • Fresh content and service for humans and search engines, by humans.
  • There's Value in Google+ Authoring
  • Full Service Marketing and Design
    If you choose direct marketing to enhance your traffic, we've got what you need.

Search Engine Optimization - Time consuming process of marketing your website to obtain a higher ranking on the search engines with Google, Bing & Yahoo being the key players. We provide ethical SEO following Google's best practices combined with common sense marketing techniques.

Website Marketing - Marketing your website should not be limited to search engine optimization. Social media marketing to drive traffic and show relevance is a must, but traditional marketing is also called for. We can do that and you make one call.

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