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If you haven't set up a way to get the most out of your results using Google Authoring, we can help. It is also important to use Google+ Google Authorship, and to be active in your Circles. It is our belief that it holds much more weight than Facebook or other social networks.

Google Authorship is easy to set up if you're familiar with the process. Becoming an expert in your field by writing engaging and interesting articles with relevant keywords is a must. Using the rel=publisher markup is also crucial for local businesses.

Let us show you how to get "Google-ing." We've seen the results and we're pretty pleased. Many small businesses have resorted to using mainly the social networks to market your services and products but this results in lost revenue. Marketing is a numbers game and consumers need to be able to find your product or service via the search engines as well as the social networks. Keeping up with the trends is what will keep you ranking on Google. If you have a website you should be using Google authoring and Google+ publishing to help you get ranking. Get the exposure you need and include Google authoring in your search engine optimization tasks.

If you're familiar with Google and publisher mark-up, you may get the two confused. The difference between adding Authorship and Publisher markup on your website is simple: Use publisher for your brand and authorship for yourself to help build traffic to a branded business website.

Google+ Authorship simply links a person with a Google+ profile to specific areas of content that that person or "profile" has created.  That content can be actually spread across numerous and multiple sites.

Google+ Publisher markup links only a business/brand with a Google+ page with content that is on their own website. It can only link one Google+ page with one website.

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  • Provide low cost SEO services that are not based on number of keywords or phrases, market competitiveness or size of your business or wallet.
  • Combine our Search Engine Optimization Services with basic website update services for a better ROI
  • Charge the same rate for everyone.
    No confusing package prices. We give you what YOU need to boost your ranking and enhance traffic at one low rate.
  • Pay as You Go SEO
    Flexible terms, SEO priced right.
  • Get services as you need them.
    No contract SEO services. We do not require contracts but we provide a $30 discount on a quarterly commitment.
  • White Hat, Ethical SEO
  • Fresh content and service for humans and search engines, by humans.
  • We are a local Tampa, Florida SEO, web development and marketing firm. We will NEVER outsource your work to save ourselves money.
  • Full Service Marketing and Design
    If you choose direct marketing to enhance your traffic, we've got what you need.

Search Engine Optimization - Time consuming process of marketing your website to obtain a higher ranking on the search engines with Google, Bing & Yahoo being the key players.

Website Marketing - Marketing your website should not be limited to search engine optimization. Social media marketing to drive traffic and show relevance is a must, but traditional marketing is also called for. We can do that and you make one call.

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