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Image Optimization and Video Implementation
Have you ever done a search and the first results are images? If you study your analytics and reporting you may have noticed that users are landing on a specific page or pages via an image or video on your website that has been well optimized. What does this mean? It means more traffic to your website. Optimizing images is a very important part of SEO and should have been done properly when you launched your website. Unfortunately, this task is probably the number one task that website designers are leaving out when they develop a website for their clients. Why? We believe it's not because of the lack of understanding or of it's importance, but rather, feeling like what their client doesn't know won't hurt them. Unfortunately, ignoring the optimization of images can hurt. Let us review your website to determine whether your images, videos or other data is optimized properly, so you won't miss traffic from these sources.

Video Implementation and Video Marketing

If you need help implementing or marketing videos on your website, Youtube or other video marketing websites, contact us for information. Video is just another way to optimize your website, to engage your visitors and to promote your brand. Like all other tools for optimization, you must utilize and optimize properly to get the best ROI.

Image and Video Implementation and Optimization Services

When we review your website for improved ranking, we look at a variety of meta-data. Including alt tags and descriptions to your images is important, because search engine crawlers see images as big, blank spaces. This includes flash and video. Providing the engines with "text" to describe your content where it would otherwise be missing is very important, but there is a right and wrong way to optimize images. Let us show you how optimizing your images can not only make your site more Google friendly, but also how highly optimized images and proper video implementation can drive traffic to your website. Website updates can be combined with our SEO services and are available "on the fly" or "as needed" with our "Pay as You Go" SEO.  

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Florida Search Engine Optimization and Web Design Company

More Marketing, Not Just SEO

Search Engine Optimization - Time consuming process of marketing your website to obtain a higher ranking on the search engines with Google, Bing & Yahoo being the key players.

Website Marketing - Marketing your website should not be limited to search engine optimization. Social media marketing to drive traffic and show relevance is a must, but traditional marketing is also called for. We can do that and you make one call.

Website Design - Your website is an intricate part of your business. It doesn't matter if your is a large or small business, people want to be find you on Google, and often times you need your website to obtain business loans. Simply put, your website builds your credentials. Let us help you with our affordable web design services. We are a Florida website design company who offers small business owners personalized services, without the high costs. Call us today at (813) 778-9548 for a comprehensive quote.

Target Marketing Ever wonder how you can be more targeted with your marketing without spending a fortune? We have the solution. We can provide options for on-line target marketing and can combine it our SEO service. Ask us how.
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